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Buy Access for One Mentee or Apprentice, and Your Team Gets Access, Too.

Once a mentee or apprentice is paid for, you can add your managers and mentors. Each (including yourself) will be able to access meaningful, tone-setting assessments and courses.

Even if you are waiting for a mentee – prepare your shop before hire!


1 Mentee or Apprentice
All Tools
$59/month/user after 1 year


2 - 10 Mentees or Apprentices
All Tools
$54/month/user after 1 year


11-50 Mentees or Apprentices
All Tools
$49/month/user after 1 year

Get Started

Your Systemized Mentoring Toolset Includes…

People and Culture Mentoring Assessments

Guiding Courses for Mentees, Mentors, and Managers

Industry Standard and Specific Task Lists

Apprentice/Mentee Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

In-Depth Mobile (Apple/Android) and Desktop Progress Reports

Ongoing Support from Mentoring and Apprentice Experts

Enterprise account for MSO’s, OEM’s, Apprenticeship Sponsors, and others.