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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A workplace mentoring or apprenticeship program is “An on-the-job, training plan where willing and able employees share their work skills and expertise with entry-level workers.”

The goal is to help inexperienced, yet interested, workers more quickly become competent technical professionals.

Technical mentoring is a method of on-the-job training with a primary focus on rapidly gaining hands-on technical experience on specific tasks by working with a skilled technical expert. Experienced technicians share their know-how with entry-level hires, helping them to become competent technical professionals more quickly.

Mentor Mentee’s technology consists of software tools and learning processes that help assess, plan, train, track, and analyze mentee or apprentice work progress. Having a mentoring program using the right tools and processes is smart and efficient.

Yes! Mentor Mentee can be used to set up task lists, track an individual’s progress, track competency, time, or hybrid-based Department of Labor (DOL) apprenticeship programs.

Currently, Mentor Mentee is primarily targeted for three areas of automotive:

  1. Automotive service, maintenance, and repair.
  2. Heavy-duty & diesel.
  3. Collision repair/refinish.

Feel free to call (888) 800-9250 if you are interested in mentoring or apprenticeship assistance in other industries.

Programs can range from several weeks of mentoring all the way to Registered Apprentice Programs (RAP: Department of Labor approved) that continue for years. The length of the program depends on several factors: How many tasks must be learned, how quickly a mentee learns, the level of competence needed and especially how effective a mentor is as both a teacher and a technical guide.

We would love to tell you that #1 is the Mentor Mentee system, but frankly it is second.

Success is tied to how well leadership commits and supports continuing education in your company. The more that senior leadership is positively involved in supporting your company becoming a “Learning Organization” (Originated by Peter Senge), the better the odds for the success of a mentoring or apprenticeship program. Organizations that try to fake sincerity are everywhere and programs fail compared to organizations with genuine leadership who supports ongoing education.

When leadership is strongly committed to helping techs learn and grow, then Mentor Mentee provides the tools, process and education needed to implement technical mentoring or apprenticeship.

If you don’t have a mentee in the queue NOW is a GREAT time to “get ready.”

Purchase your subscription and start with a Mentor Mentee – “assessment”. Assessments are for your company, the supervisor, mentor, and mentee/apprentice and are included in your subscription. After assessment, each participant can take specific online training to know their role, what to do and how to do it. You can view and practice using use a task list and learn to track competency BEFORE your new mentee or apprentice starts.

Best of all, assess and ready your mentor(s) prospects. Meet, talk, and practice tracking using the app. You can even set up a growth plan for a current technician or a potential mentor. Understand ahead of time what the mentor and mentee must do. The manager, mentor, and mentee each has their own specific online training course. Get ready now! The employee shortage isn’t going to end soon. Make sure when your first official mentee or apprentice is ready the rest of your mentoring team is ready as well!

Mentee candidates are everywhere! And it is management’s job to continuously attract, evaluate, hire, train, and retain new staff. With the labor shortages accelerated by the pandemic we predict human resources will become as much a part of managing a business as actually doing the technical work. Tips and pointers for attracting help are included. Research shows entry-level and semi-skilled applicants are MUCH more attracted to a company that offers a plan and a mentor for their career growth.

Mentor Mentee’s online courses help you find, attract, and educate semi-skilled and entry-level workers. Students want continued on-the-job training! Mentee’s want jobs that lead to meaningful careers. Your goal is for students to become mentee’s and mentee’s to become competent, full time, profit contributors.

Mentor Mentee is not just a plan—it is a professional process and tool set based on input of thousands of automotive instructors, business leaders and experts with a passion for the industry. Mentor Mentee has the tools and processes you need!

No! Apart from an internet connection, the only equipment needed to use for Mentor Mentee to help your organization is a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The mentor and mentee can use their own mobile phone or devices for tracking task progress in shop, in seconds.

  • Call the Mentor Mentee team at (888) 800-9250
  • Discuss your options with a Mentor Mentee rep.
  • Purchase your subscription
  • Start training and tracking your mentee’s and/or apprentices! Easy!

Yes! Goals are important. At the core of the system is the task list that guides the mentor and mentee/apprentice as to what to do.

You determine the goals when you create the work plan of the tasks and set a target completion date. The plan defines each task, dates for competency, and tracks progress to know whether goals are hit… or not. Goals help the mentor and mentee stay on track and gives feedback on how each mentee progresses. If the goals are too aggressive or not enough, you can edit and keep going. Guide your team by using goals and achieving them.

First, there are different assessments for different purposes. An assessment is a group of very specific online questions that help the manager to consider the company culture and whether it is open and accepting on on-the-job training such as mentoring or apprenticeship.

Assessments are also a thoughtful guide and self-evaluation by the main participants: The Mentor Manager (also called Supervisor), the Mentor, and the Mentee or Apprentice. Understanding the tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses of each BEFORE setting up the Mentor and Mentee team is smart management.

You can, but it is hard! A mentoring or apprentice plan is only as good as the tools, processes and experience involved. Honestly, few automotive managers are experienced enough to know where to start, how to develop a mentoring system or run an ongoing program.

Mentor Mentee offers a turn-key mentee or apprentice work plan. It is based on industry or custom task lists and guides. The tools and processes in the Mentor Mentee system help set goals and track progress on a task-by-task basis. And it isn’t paper based… once you get started it’s fast to use! You have online courses specific to mentoring in the automotive industry. You can view progress and competency and watch an audit trail form. Having a plan and tools give managers a clear picture of what to do, how to do it and how to maximize an entry-level employee’s learning progress and career affinity.

Yes! Consultations and discussion are best AFTER you have taken your assessment and passed your online Mentor Manager/Supervisor training.

Trust the system!

Take the assessment, complete the online courses and you will know what to ask. Your subscription entitles you to free quarterly consultations with a mentoring specialist via phone or video conferencing. Call or email us at (888) 800-9250 or

Not exactly! Mentor Mentee may be an option for use in a Registered Apprentice Program where schools and on-the job training overlap, but on a limited basis. For right now, unless you are in a RAP, we are not suggesting schools or instructors use Mentor Mentee.

NOTE: We are sunsetting the SP2 Mentoring version for schools. We are separating Mentor Mentee into it’s own division! Please, do not add students. Email or call (888) 800-9250 for more information

Your employer will first need to add you to their Mentor Mentee account. Once you are added, you should immediately receive an automatic email with precise instructions for downloading the App and setting up your individual account. When you are in the app you can access a personal assessment, online courses, and task lists. If you have any trouble, please ask your employer for help first and then they may contact us directly at (888) 800-9250 or email us at

For businesses with multiple locations, call us at (888) 800-9250 or email us at

Our staff and especially our owners have served on various mentoring and automotive boards and have been affiliated with such automotive organizations as ASA, ASE, CREF, I-CAR, SCRS, Insurers, OEM’s, NADA, ASE Education Foundation, franchises, and automotive dealers and independent facilities of all types.

We have received mentoring awards and industry inductions including automotive…Eagles Club, Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in the 20th Century (Collision), Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring, and other mentoring awards including in health care. We have developed and operated mentoring systems for over 20 years and yes, we have tons of background in automotive education and technical mentoring! Call, we’ll tell you more.

Call us to purchase access. Then, you and your approved users can download Mentor Mentee by going to the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Yes! The program is functional on desktop computers as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. (Your online training is best when taken on a desktop device).

The core task lists used in our mentoring programs are open source and authored by credible industry authorities like ASE. However, we can help you develop a custom task list that is highly specific for your business.

To talk task lists, give us a call at (888) 800-9250 or email us at

Courses are online educational trainings with specific modules on important topics needed for each participant. Courses are for Mentor Manager/Supervisor, Mentor and Mentee/Apprentice. They are included in your subscription and help train managers/supervisors, mentors, and mentee’s/apprentice’s.

Mentor Mentee is a spin off division from which has over 20 years of experience in online training with millions of tests taken by automotive career-tech students, schools, businesses and technicians. Our online courses meet most federal and state ADA requirements and are presented in a mix of text, audio, images, and videos.

Courses cover specific topics like starting a mentoring or apprentice program, mentoring best practices, mentoring expectations, mentee expectations, tool needs, customer service, compensation and much, much more.

If you or your organization purchases access to the system but do not make use of the assessments, courses, tracking or other features within 30 days, we will provide a refund. Our software tracks usage and once use of the system has started, Mentor Mentee will not issue a refund.

Yes we can! We can help you develop a custom task list for your organization’s specific needs. Need specific training? We will guide you. We understand that sometimes task lists may not be a perfect fit for every need. Give us a call at (888) 800-9250 or email us at

Yes! Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. Please call at (888) 800-9250 or email us at with questions. If our representatives are busy, we’ll return your call or email as soon as we are able.