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Mentoring Technology for Technical Mentoring

Your mentoring system for overcoming the technician shortage.

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95% of dealerships, career-tech schools, associations, and independent shops agree: The TECHNICIAN SHORTAGE is here. (S/P2, 2019)

When you have the work but not the technicians, what should you do?

Grow your own technicians!

With a subscription to Mentor Mentee, you can grow your own technicians, combat the shortage, and build a sustainable employee pipeline.

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What’s Included in a Subscription?

Industry standard and specific task lists
Mentee goal setting
In-depth, relevant assessments for all users
Guiding courses for mentors, mentees, and managers.
In-depth mobile and desktop progress reports

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At Mentor Mentee we know that the work you do in the automotive industry is essential to its health. We want to work with people who know that helping the industry can benefit everyone.


There is a battle for workers in the automotive industry.


Do you want the best chance opportunity to attract and develop entry-level applicants in order to fill bays, increase billable hours and make a profit?


Mentor Mentee gives you your best shot.