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Apprenticeship and Technical Mentoring - Simplified.

Your system for overcoming the technician shortage

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95% of businesses agree: The TECHNICIAN SHORTAGE is here, and it is SEVERE.

When you have the work but not the workforce, what can you do?

Focus on work-based learning

using a system and a toolset

Our easy-to-use platform helps businesses implement, manage, and improve work-based learning.

Using a process of assessments, online courses, task lists (industry or custom), and simple-to-access reports, you can bolster your veteran talent by developing your next generation of technicians.

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Apprenticeship vs. Mentoring

Your Plan for Overcoming the Technician Shortage

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Your Systemized Mentoring Toolset Includes…

People and Culture Mentoring Assessments

Guiding Courses for Mentees, Mentors, and Managers

Industry Standard and Specific Task Lists

Apprentice/Mentee Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

In-Depth Mobile (Apple/Android) and Desktop Progress Reports

Ongoing Support from Mentoring and Apprentice Experts

Enterprise account for MSO’s, OEM’s, Apprenticeship Sponsors, and others.


1 Apprentice or Mentee: $699/year

2-10 Apprentices or Mentees: $649/user/year

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Why Mentor Mentee?

25+ Years of Expertise in Mentoring

National Award-Winning Leadership

Proven Credibility: Over 4,000 CTE Schools Served

Our "Why"


Students and entry-level workers find the technical employer who helps them become highly productive


Help businesses become learning and mentoring organizations


On-the-job education, performance feedback and technical mentoring improve the lives of technicians and employers

Frequently Asked Questions

A workplace mentoring or apprenticeship program is “An on-the-job, training plan where willing and able employees share their work skills and expertise with entry-level workers.”

The goal is to help inexperienced, yet interested, workers more quickly become competent technical professionals.

Technical mentoring is a method of on-the-job training with a primary focus on rapidly gaining hands-on technical experience on specific tasks by working with a skilled technical expert. Experienced technicians share their know-how with entry-level hires, helping them to become competent technical professionals more quickly.

Mentor Mentee’s technology consists of software tools and learning processes that help assess, plan, train, track, and analyze mentee or apprentice work progress. Having a mentoring program using the right tools and processes is smart and efficient.

Yes! Mentor Mentee can be used to set up task lists, track an individual’s progress, track competency, time, or hybrid-based Department of Labor (DOL) apprenticeship programs.

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Mentor Mentee offers 2-day seminars related to implementing a technical mentoring or apprenticeship initiative with the goal of reducing the impacts of technician shortages.

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Want improved odds for entry-level training success?

Look no further than Mentor Mentee.

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