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Finding the Opportunity Inside a Labor Crisis: Why In-House Training is the Future for Automotive Technicians

The labor market is tight, especially for skilled technicians in the automotive sector. The demand far outpaces the supply, leaving dealerships, collision centers, and heavy-duty diesel companies grappling with empty bays and incomplete jobs. What we’re facing isn’t just a talent shortage; it’s a labor crisis. But as the saying goes, “In every crisis lies opportunity.


Employers often rely on career and technical schools to churn out fully trained technicians, ready to take on any task from day one. But let’s face it—that’s a pipe dream. Fresh grads might have the theoretical knowledge, but they often lack the hands-on experience and workplace nuances crucial for immediate productivity.


So, what’s the workaround? Develop an in-house training program for new technicians. And here’s why it’s a win-win situation.


Investing in Future Talent

Bringing new technicians up to speed internally allows you to cultivate talent that aligns with your company’s culture and operational standards. This way, you get a technician trained in the skills you need and foster a sense of belonging and ownership among new employees, which is a significant factor in retaining them.


Adaptability and Continuous Learning

An in-house training program is flexible. You can adjust the curriculum to match the specific needs of your workplace. This adaptability is essential as technologies evolve, making it easier for your technicians to adapt and grow with the industry.

The Role of Mentorship

An integral part of an effective in-house training program is mentorship. Pairing a new technician (mentee) with an experienced one (mentor) allows for real-time learning and adjustments. A mentor can provide immediate feedback and tailor their teaching to the mentee’s needs, something a generalized technical course can’t offer.


Why Mentor Mentee is Your Best Bet

Mentor Mentee takes your in-house training game to the next level. We don’t just pair mentors and mentees; we provide proprietary assessments for culture fits, managerial roles, mentors, and mentees to ensure compatibility and growth. Our platform also offers soft-skill educational courses to enhance interpersonal capabilities for every position within your organization.

We help you structure task lists customized for your mentees. These lists help mentees log repetitions, making them more adept at their jobs over time. It’s a practical, data-driven approach to learning that ensures your technicians are competent, efficient, and reliable.


So, when you’re staring at the challenges of a labor crisis, remember that crisis breeds innovation. Investing in in-house training tools like Mentor Mentee solves immediate staffing challenges and prepares you for a more sustainable, adaptable, and skill-rich future.