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We’ve Calculated the ROI of Investing in Your Technicians

When you prioritize your employee’s development, especially technicians, the returns are impressive.

The Good News
Did you know that by simply investing in a technician’s development – both personally and professionally – you could be generating an extra $7,685* of new revenue per technician each year?

Let’s put that into perspective. The average US dealership employs an estimated average of 15 auto techs. That’s a whopping annual revenue bump of $115,275!

Here at Mentor Mentee, we’ve crafted our Technical Mentoring platform with the nuances of automotive technicians in mind. And guess what? Investing in this growth starts at just $2,499 per year.

The Not-so-Good News
Now, let’s flip the coin. It’s no secret that losing a technician can put a dent in a dealership’s wallet. On average, it takes an estimated 27.5 days to fill the shoes of a departed technician. Considering each technician can pull in about $622/day, the cost of not retaining one technician racks up to $17,111** over the estimated time.

But here’s the silver lining – investing in your people always brings a tangible ROI.

When you crunch the numbers, it’s crystal clear: Mentor Mentee isn’t just a platform—it’s a strategic investment.

But beyond the numbers, our platform is uniquely designed to support new and seasoned techs. For the rookies, it offers a guiding light, building foundational skills and confidence. For the veterans, it’s a platform to refine, mentor, and even rekindle their passion for the craft. The ROI is twofold: tangible profits and a thriving, skilled workforce. By choosing Mentor Mentee, you’re not just investing in a system; you’re investing in the future and prowess of your technicians.

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Average number of total employees per dealership = 64
Average techs per dealer = 15 (64/23.9%)
Annual Turnover rate for techs = 46%
Estimating 30% of techs need upskilling
Positive productivity increase per year through upskilling = 6%
Productivity days per year = 225
Productive days per year (45 weeks x 5 working days) = 225
Increase In Revenue Turnover Per Employee = $7,685

No. of productivity days lost to replace technicians = 27.5 days
Revenue turnover per day per lost employee = $622
Loss of revenue turnover per lost employee @ 27.5 days = $17,111