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Analyzing TechForce Foundation’s 2023 Technician Report

Analyzing TechForce Foundation’s 2023 Technician Report

Have we reached a turning point in the technician shortage? The TechForce Foundation’s 2023 Tech Supply and Demand Report marks a significant uptick in postsecondary completions in automotive, collision, diesel, and aviation sectors for the first time in a decade! This trend is a hopeful way to address the long-standing technician shortage in the transportation industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Growing Number of Graduates: After years of decline, there’s an encouraging rise in the number of graduates from technical programs.
  • Increased Technician Employment: Most sectors, except diesel, have seen a rise in technician employment, outpacing the overall growth of the US labor force.
  • Electric Vehicles Impact: EVs have fewer maintenance requirements, yet their current market share minimally impacts overall technician demand.

On-the-job (OTJ) training and mentoring are vital for the long-term success of new technicians in the automotive industry. This hands-on approach provides practical experience and real-world skills that can’t all be taught in a classroom. Mentoring, in particular, plays a critical role in this learning process. Experienced mentors offer guidance, share valuable insights, and provide feedback, helping new technicians navigate complex technical challenges and industry nuances. This personalized learning fosters confidence and competence, ensuring new technicians are well-equipped to handle the evolving demands of the automotive field and contribute effectively to their workplaces from the outset.

Mentor Mentee proudly stands as part of the solution to this shortage. Our platform equips new technicians with the skills to thrive in this evolving industry. We’re committed to supporting the growth and development of technicians, ensuring they’re ready for the challenges and opportunities.

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