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What are Assessments?

Assessments provided by Mentor Mentee are questions, statements or items that a person answers or responds to. Upon completion of the assessment entries by the user, Mentor Mentee sends the Assessment Results to the user to read and consider.

Assessments are developed by our experience with industry experts, instructors and or, subject matter experts. Expect assessments to change from time to time as more information on mentoring and apprentices becomes clear and our algorithms are updated.

A Mentor Mentee Assessment is not a personality test. It is not a guarantee of success or failure. It is a guide to consider important areas that otherwise, might be overlooked or not discussed by our clients.


Responses are not valid for any mentoring or apprenticeship standard we are aware of other than Mentor Mentee. Results are based on the user response, which are opinions, reflections and current likes and dislikes at the time the assessment was taken.

Some of the results will be on categories that Mentor Mentee includes that we believe are important to the subject at hand. The assessments usually provide specific feedback on categories and an overview based on a total overall or weighted score. We attempt to make the assessments easy to use and understand vs. scientific accuracy.

Assessment Results

Generally, the Assessment Results are delivered immediately to the User’s email AND to the email of the organization’s Manager or Supervisor. Mentor Mentee has no control of the results once they reach the user and the Manager or Supervisor.

We strongly suggest that the person (user) taking the self-assessment should take time to reflect on their individual score in relationship to a new job or new role they may be considering. It is not unusual to print results and discuss with people you know well such as family, friends, and coworkers.

Right or Wrong

There are no right or wrong answers. The assessment is not a test. Mentor Mentee Assessments are reminders to consider topics that are related before making decisions. The questions tie heavily to a person answering the question “Am I willing and able.”

Some Assessments are not for an individual, but reflect what a person thinks, believes, or thinks others believe about an organization. Neither an assessment for an individual or organization are meant to be provocative or extreme. They are not right or wrong, but a tool to support and enhance human discussion and improvement. The statements asked are meant to remind those involved to consider and discuss topics they might otherwise overlook.


Most of the thinking Mentor Mentee works with is educational in nature, training oriented with the desire for people to learn better and faster. Career improvement is possible especially if tools, like assessments are used.

Whether a person believes their company is willing and/or able to implement internal training or apprentice/mentoring type relationship raises questions, that if approached positively will improve program quality for all. Raising questions, providing feedback to be considered, but might otherwise be overlooked, is the purpose of Assessments.

Who Receives a Copy of the Assessment?

The supervisor who assigns the Assessment to a user will receive a copy of the Assessment. We strongly suggest that the user and the supervisor study the Assessment results and only then discuss what they think the assessment revealed. Low scores are only areas for improvement for manager, mentor or mentee. Discussion with a guiding set of categories and a written overall report based on the overall score is a excellent way to evaluate and understand organizational and user needs.

Continuous Improvement

At this time, the categories and feedback are the best that Mentor Mentee can provide. We intend the use of Assessments to act as a great guide for management and human resources. We reserve the right to iterate and update any assessment for any reason.


We do not think any organization should make an offer or hire based solely on the categories or reports included in any assessment provided by Mentor Mentee. Neither should an assessment user consider that their success or failure or choice of a job be based solely on the assessment. Taking a new job, setting up an in-house education system are important decisions. Don’t take them lightly.

We believe that people have the best chance to change and improve with a plan and mentoring. People need training and one-on-one support. People can rise to the occasion. With help people can overcome low scores on assessments with mentoring and help. First, they should look at their self and what they are willing and able to do. There are no guarantees of success. Those who study and try the actions presented in their report improve their odds for success.

Mentor Mentee is industry developed and industry based and specific for the use it is intended. It is not a test. Do not hire or take a job based solely on an assessment. Mentor Mentee Assessments are not a personality test or a culture index. Assessments are a helpful tool, an aid to spark discussion and raise questions not normally raised in choosing a job or hiring a candidate.

How To Use

We suggest you read an assessment on a desktop or large computer screen. Better yet, we suggest you print the PDF version (use desktop), underline, make notes and keep copies of your assessments over time. Mentor Mentee will change as we learn, and you may enjoy how you assess yourself and different categories over time.

Keep copies of any assessment as Mentor Mentee does not promise nor may not be able to retrieve your assessment over future iterations.

Finding out about yourself is a wonderful thing. We hope you enjoy, benefit and profit from taking your Assessments!