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The Superpower Fueling the Heavy-Duty Diesel Industry

Let’s face it: the skills gap in the diesel industry isn’t narrowing. With rapid technological advancements, the need for skilled technicians is at an all-time high. Throw in the constant turnover, and you have a real HR nightmare.

Mentor Mentee October 2, 2023

Why Mentor Mentee is Tailor-Made for Technicians

If you’re ready to drive your team’s potential to the next level, Mentor Mentee is the co-pilot you’ve been waiting for.

Mentor Mentee October 2, 2023

The Importance of Incentives and Rewards in Technical Mentoring Programs

The role of a mentor in a technical field isn’t just to transfer knowledge—it’s to inspire, guide, and, crucially, to invest time and effort in the mentee’s professional growth. However, that investment often comes at a cost, especially in settings like automotive dealerships, collision centers, and heavy-duty diesel companies – especially where mentors are compensated on a flat-rate system.

Mentor Mentee September 25, 2023

“Young People Just Don’t Want to Work”: Debunking Myths and Their Impact on the Workplace

The narrative that “young people just don’t want to work” has been floating around for years, gaining traction in various sectors, including the automotive, collision, and diesel industries. This stereotype can significantly, and often underestimate, impact the workplace, shaping how decision-makers strategize for employee retention and growth. Here’s why it’s crucial to bust this myth and foster a more inclusive work environment.

Mentor Mentee September 19, 2023

Streamlining Success: Mentor Mentee’s New Pricing Model

Exciting news—on October 1, 2023, Mentor Mentee is shifting to a streamlined pricing model, all in a bid to supercharge your mentoring programs.

Customers with active accounts created before October 1, 2023, will not be affected and can activate additional licenses at a discounted rate.

Mentor Mentee September 19, 2023

Finding the Opportunity Inside a Labor Crisis: Why In-House Training is the Future for Automotive Technicians

The labor market is tight, especially for skilled technicians in the automotive sector. The demand far outpaces the supply, leaving dealerships, collision centers, and heavy-duty diesel companies grappling with empty bays and incomplete jobs. What we’re facing isn’t just a talent shortage; it’s a labor crisis. But as the saying goes, “In every crisis lies opportunity.

Mentor Mentee September 14, 2023

The Crucial Role of Custom Task Lists in Developing Technicians

In the ever-evolving world of automotive technology, nurturing new technicians’ skill competency is vital. Developing these skills requires a targeted approach, and this is where custom task lists come into play. This approach is essential, and how Mentor Mentee’s platform perfectly fits the bill.

Mentor Mentee August 30, 2023

Building A Strong Technician Career Path

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, creating a robust career path for technicians is crucial to ensure the growth and success of your workforce. Building a comprehensive technician career path benefits the individual technicians and enhances the overall performance of your dealership or collision center. To help you get started, here’s a checklist of essential elements to consider when crafting a technician’s career path:

Mentor Mentee August 29, 2023

Technical Mentoring vs. Traditional Employer Mentoring: What’s the Difference?

In today’s rapidly evolving workforce, mentoring is crucial in ensuring employees’ success. Though traditional employer mentoring and technical mentoring share common goals, they differ significantly in their approach and content. Understanding these differences helps select the right mentoring platform for the burgeoning automotive industry.

Mentor Mentee August 23, 2023

Adapting to Change: How Older Generation Automotive Technicians are Using Online Tools to Enhance Their Skills

Learn how older automotive technicians adapted to using online tools & resources to enhance their skills and stay relevant in the industry.

Ryan Weber May 8, 2023